A Low Cost Device for the Detection of Prostate Cancer in Real Time

An inexpensive device for early detection of prostate cancer.


Problem Solved by This Technology

Current Digital Rectal Exams and chemical screening methods, such as PSA, provide statistically inadequate detection of early prostate cancer development. Moreover, these modalities provide no information relating to the location or the extent of malignancy. Other scanning modalities require expensive equipment, and many employ radiation sources that have a deleterious impact on the patient's health. Early and accurate detection of prostate cancer is necessary for the most successful treatment.



This device generates high contrast 3-D images of prostate tissue malignancies in real time using the photoacoustic effect. Current devices utilizing photoacoustic imaging of soft tissue cancers use B-scan, which requires larger equipment, rendering them unsuitable for rectal examinations. Our device uses C-scan technology, allowing the probe to be about the size and shape of an index finger. Examinations may be conducted in a general practitioner’s office, instantly revealing the precise location and the nature of any malignancy within the prostate. This system may also be adapted easily to detect other soft-tissue cancers.


Technology Status

Prototype device currently under construction.

URV Reference Number: 6-1708
Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Low Cost Device for C-Scan Photoacoustic Imaging United States 8,353,833 1/15/2013
Low-Cost Device for C-Scan Acoustic Wave Imaging United States 8,870,770 10/28/2014
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