Antigenic Mimics of Discontinuous HIV-1 Envelope Epitopes Recognized by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

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The present invention describes an approach to identify antigenic mimics of conformational epitopes recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies, including antibodies known to neutralize HIV-1.



The surface HIV -1 envelope glycoprotein subunit, gp 120, is a major target for virus-neutralizing antibodies, but immunization with recombinant gp 120 failed to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies and has failed to demonstrate protective efficacy in a Phase III clinical trials.



The present invention relates to  polypeptides derived from the tenth fibronectin type III domain from human fibronectin ("FNfn 1 0"), fibronectin type III to generate antibodies (i) binding to a neutralizing monoclonal antibody reactive to HIV-1 or inducing a neutralizing immune response against HIV-1.

Patent Information:
Title Country Patent No. Issued Date
Antigenic Mimics of Discontinuous Epitopes of Pathogens Recognized by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies United States 8,961,977 2/24/2015
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