Vascular Closure Device (VCD) for Closing Arterial and Venous Access Sites from Procedures Using Sheaths 10 French or Greater


The technology is a device that is used to close a hole in a blood vessel following a procedure that requires vascular access. It is designed to be used following procedures that require sheaths 10 French or greater.



Currently there are no VCDs (vascular closure device) approved by the FDA for use with sheath sizes 10 French or greater. Additionally, devices that may be used for larger sheaths require the use of multiple devices before the procedure starts, which can cause the devices to be wasted if the procedure goes wrong.  This technology can be used for sheath sizes 10 French or greater, is used after the procedure and requires only one simple device.  The design of the technology is “practitioner friendly” because of its similarity to existing methods, making it an accessible, quick solution for closing large vascular defects.  

URV Reference Number: 2-11149-12026
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